The client

Cafe English is a school offering a new methodology to learn English in a meaningful, friendly, and easy way. After negative experiences learning English through a traditional, grammar-heavy, tedious approach, the founder of Café English decided to do things differently and put his ideas to practice.

The Challange

Our challenge was to translate the brand’s values in the digital strategy, while also achieving significant growth results.  

The Solution

We began by creating a more user-friendly experience online, through a new website that allows visitors to book a free trial class with only a few clicks. The system is not only great for potential new clients, but also optimizes internal processes since bookings are automatically synchronized with the school’s calendar, showing the correct available slots in real-time.

After user testing and validating that the new website met its purpose, we moved on to creating a digital marketing and web strategy that supports business growth. Café English had already tried using paid ads before, through Google and Facebook, but the results had not been relevant. Analyzing the previous results and strategy used was our first step to understand how to achieve better results.

Using Google’s marketing solutions, we reshaped the entire campaign structure, creating different categories and expanding the variety of keywords, therefore reaching a broader range of people. We also structured the campaign based on levels of knowledge (beginner, intermediate, advanced, native) and this allowed us to create ads that were specifically relevant to people at each different level. The new strategy we created also helped to have a wider view on the different keyword group’s performance. From analyzing a bigger variety of keywords, we gather more insights that can be continuously applied to the campaign, improving performance over time.  

Through Facebook Ads, by performing a target audience A/B test, we got a more clear understanding of the type of audience that can be more valuable to reach. We excluded all ads targeting people who were already clients, therefore optimizing the budget used, and relocated a larger percentage of the budget towards remarketing. This allowed the brand to impact people who were already previously interested in the services offered, but had not yet become clients. Another significant target group used was look-a-like audiences, in other words, people with a similar profile to those who had already become clients.  

After 4 months, since redefining and executing a new marketing strategy, adjusting the campaigns on a daily basis and applying new insights continuously, the number of clients enquiries grew by 275%. Our main takeaway and what made this result possible, was having a clear understanding of our goals, and a user-friendly website that could effectively support these goals.

More on the project here.

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