Het Fietshuys is a bicycle dealer and service center in the suburban Amstelveen, Netherlands.The shop was founded by two friends, with the goal of providing their customers with the very best experience.

They asked us to help with building brand awareness in their community. We dug deep to identify their core values, and designed a campaign that would communicate these both online and offline, from social to OOH ads.

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Het Fietshuys is a relatively small suburban city in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam, Netherlands. They sell and service bikes of the local community.

The two founders were adamant that their shop would be focused on providing their customers with the best possible experience.

Our challenge was to identify the core values that made Het Fietshuys a special place, and help them communicate a powerful message, which would build brand awareness and ultimately attract new customers.


What makes Het Fietshuys unique is their love for bikes and their commitment to putting their customers first. We wanted to design a campaign which would communicate this philosophy.

The campaign was originally going to appear on the sides of local busses. We came up with a message that works on different levels:

Need a ride?

On the first, most literal level, it catches the attention of passengers waiting for the bus, by asking a seemingly obvious question – as in, if you need a ride, get on the bus.

On a second level, it suggests that Het Fietshuys is the place you go when you need a ride of your own – a bike – to get around.

On a third, deeper level, it communicates Het Fietshuys’ status as the “helping hand” you need when it comes to bikes.

We wrote several supporting messages to add some depth to this simple, yet powerful question.

These customer-focused paragraphs explain what Het Fietshuys is about, adding to the story of the brand.

For example:

NEED A RIDE? We'll lend you a bike while we take care of yours.
Sometimes your bike needs some love and attention. This is what we do best. But don't worry, while you're apart, we'll lend you a replacement so you can keep moving. Of course, it's not the same, but it'll keep you from having to use the bus.


The messaging resonated the owners, and they were so enthusiastic that we decided to make this a full-blown, online and offline campaign.

We designed the visuals for the online ads and provided guidelines for the offline ones.

The campaign ran for 3 months in late 2020 and proved largely successful. The brand recognition of Het Fietshuys grew in Amstelveen, which could be measured primarily by the growth in followers of their social media platforms.


We look forward to working with Het Fietshuys on future campaigns and are excited to see them develop and grow.