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Behind every great brand lies a strong set of values. Before beginning to design anything, we must identify these, and understand your business and your community. This is why we begin each engagement by defining a strategy that will serve as guidelines for everything we design.

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Through extensive research and iterations, we explore the realm of visual possibilities, guided by your strategy. You will receive carefully curated selections of our explorations, which we will modify until they truly represent your brand.


Naming & verbal style

Language is just as important as visuals when it comes to identifying a brand. We will help name your company, determine tone of voice, and write specific messages, creating a persistent and authentic verbal identity.


Logo design

Once the visual and verbal foundations are settled, we design the logo to serve as a key identifier of your brand, uniting name, look & feel. When it comes to logos, we believe they should be simple in their form, memorable and appropriate for the business.


Assembling identity system

Now that the building blocks of your identity system are ready, we put the pieces together to bring your brand to life. We essentially define your brand’s own language,which you can consistently apply across all your channels and platforms, and which can grow organically along with your company.


Finalizing and application

Consistency is essential to communicating professionalism. We create a brand identity guide containing all characteristics of your brand, such as logo specifications,typography, color, iconography, image use and more.

We can also help you reach your audience by applying your newly formed brand identity to a wide range of digital and print materials.

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Our satisfied clients

It was a pleasure

It was a pleasure to work with the guys at TASNADI & CO. I really appreciate their flexibility, being available when I need them and proactively adjusting our work process in ways that proved to be more efficient for my business.

bence György, gold b consulting

They act like real project owners

I really appreciate the partnership established with TASNADI & CO. The communication was fast, efficient and they act like real project owners, delivering true quality, steering the project towards a more efficient approach, and genuinely caring about our interests.

fanni Gyuricza , Babacentrum

They simply do professional work

I first contacted TASNADI & CO about a rebranding project. They translated the essence of the brand into a new, fresh look very cleverly. They have since created a new website for us, are running digital campaigns and designing print materials. They simply do professional work, regardless the task - I'm very satisfied.

Gabriella Dömény, Tincses sziget

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